Tom Hicks: Ireland & Tchaikovsky (2019)

Recorded with generous assistance from the John Ireland Charitable Trust

John Ireland      Sarnia: An Island Sequence

John Ireland      The Island Spell

Tchaikovsky      The Seasons Opus 37a

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“Hicks creates a miniature universe of colouristic wonder.” 
“Tenderly realised pianism showing a keen ear for detail”

Alexander Thompson, Piano Journal Magazine, 2019

“Tom Hicks...performs these mini gems with grace and elan, and his loving attention to detail brings out all the hidden nuances of these ethereal pieces full of colour and imagery.” 
“With climate change on everybody's lips, this issue is a gorgeous tribute to the overwhelming beauty of nature in its many diverse forms”

Gerald Fenech, Classical Music Daily, 2020

"Tom Hicks plays with real feeling and style, never trying to make more of the music than he should be but always bringing out the particular quality of a movement... with that sense of 'as live' engagement and communicability... Tom Hicks has produced an admirable and engaging exploration of a pair of lesser known works which deserve to be explored and understood for their own right"

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill, 2020

"Hicks’ sensitive attention to detail and understated bravura brings this music fully to life with colour, spacious expression, pungent sonorities, and a tender poignancy when required. [Tchaikovsky's] works are the perfect canvas for Hicks to paint a full palette of colours and expression, capturing their intimacy and wistfulness, with a keen ear for details and textures. Overall, an enjoyable and engaging debut recording from this impressive young pianist. Recommended" 

Frances Wilson, The Cross-Eyed Pianist, 2020